Laminate Floor Installation Process

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When you want the look of natural wood flooring without the high price tag and hassle, laminate is the way to go. Our laminate flooring is an affordable, easy-care solution that installs quickly. Best of all, you’re not sacrificing visual appeal for value and convenience. Laminate Flooring Installation Process

How We Install Laminate Flooring

Our floor installation service begins with an on-site estimate to go over your options. The goal is to provide you with the best solutions for your taste and budget. We offer a selection of styles and finishes to suit any aesthetic, and they’re manufactured by some of the top names in the industry. Once we have all of the preliminaries in order, we’ll schedule a date to begin the work.

Our company offers fast project runaround times, and we’ll do our best to schedule your job at a time that’s convenient for you. All of our laminate flooring installations are performed to manufacturer specifications, which ensures lasting results and full warranty compliance. Because wood always expands a bit with heat or moisture, you should expect your flooring delivery a day or so prior to the start date. This will allow the wood to acclimate to the specific temperature and atmospheric conditions inside your home.

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Step One: Preparing the Sub-flooring

Proper installation begins with a solid foundation. If it’s in good condition, we can install the laminate directly over your existing floor. In cases where the floor is too worn or damaged to provide stability, we’ll remove it to expose the sub-flooring. The goal is to start with an area that’s smooth, level, and free from defects.

The next step in the preparation is rolling out and attaching the underlay, which is thin foam or plastic sheeting. This provides a smooth, clean area that acts as a base. Underlay cushions your flooring system and provides a moisture barrier between the laminate and the sub-floor.

Step Two: Installing Your New Flooring

Because laminate is a floating flooring system, it doesn’t need to be glued or nailed to the sub-surface. Laminate floors fit together through a tongue and groove configuration, sort of like assembling a jigsaw puzzle. These pieces are snapped into place to provide a seamless finished surface.

You don’t need to worry about shifting or buckling when we’re finished due to the way laminate flooring systems are engineered. There are three factors that contribute to stability:

∙ The weight of the finished floor. Although laminates are thin and lightweight individually, the entire assembled floor is simply too heavy to shift easily.
∙ Natural friction. Underlay isn’t just to cushion the floor. It also provides a measure of friction between the underside of the laminate and your foundation. This keeps the assembled floor in place regardless of foot traffic.
∙ Fit. The laminate boards fit together seamlessly, making it difficult for individual sections to shift or become detached.

Once the main area is installed, we’ll leave a quarter-inch gap all around. This enables natural expansion with temperature changes to prevent warping or displacement. The last step is to install baseboards and trim.

Step Three: The Finishing Touches

Upon completion, we’ll sweep and clean the work area, making sure to leave nothing behind but your beautiful, new laminate floor. The length of time necessary to finish the job depends on the condition of your existing floor and number of obstructions like pipes or casings. Most jobs are completed in one day.

Ready to bring the beauty of wood flooring into your home without spending a fortune? We’ll be happy to tell you more about the benefits of laminate flooring installation. Our contractor will even come to your home and give you a written estimate on the spot. Call us to schedule today.

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We hope that by reviewing the installation procedures for each of these three popular types of flooring options, that you are able to have a better peace of mind during this eve of your new floor installation. This piece has only covered the installation of three types of flooring products. For care, maintenance and cleaning, you should seek additional information as each product has its own set of guidelines for such things.

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