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The Future of Luxury Vinyl Flooring is Here: Versatile, Resilient, Beautiful

At City Floors, we are both pleased and excited to help Central Florida residents learn more about our Luxury Vinyl Flooring as an exquisite option when it comes to quality flooring products. Increasingly, we are seeing both commercial and residential clients choosing to either skip or remove carpet for the clean, prestigious appearance of Luxury Vinyl Plank, or LVP, that provides the look of solid oak flooring.

LVP Provides the Look and Feel of Hardwood Floors at a Fraction of the Cost

LVP offers an alternative to wall-to-wall carpeting. Pricing comparisons are more affordable than the average price per square foot for such types of flooring as real hardwood, ceramic tile or natural stone. In commercial venues, LVP reduces the labor-intensive upkeep. In the home, you have the option of whether to use a combination of carpet and the wood-like appearance of LVP or to finish the entire house in LVP. For some people, LVP is the logical choice when countering allergens often associated with carpeting. Both options give you a warm and comfortable floor on which to walk due to the uniquely constructed materials and underlayment. Here are some of the reasons you should consider installing Luxury Vinyl Flooring in your home or office:

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LVP is Not the Vinyl Flooring of Days Gone By

LVP has come a long way from what most people tend to associate with vinyl flooring materials of the past.

First, technology has advanced the durability and appearance to such a high-quality standard that it is often difficult to discern if the flooring is real hardwood or our excellent vinyl plank flooring. Some of our products include the warm, close-grained appearance of Burnt Almond Oak or the cool, clean look of Misty Morning Oak. There is even the rich, dark tones and classic grain characteristics of our Shaughnessy Walnut. You have many from which to choose among our Luxury Vinyl Flooring products.

Second, these planks do not need to be nailed down. Instead, they are placed on the floor fitting together in their tongue-and-groove locking system. Also, our professional installers may be able to work from side to side in lieu of establishing a perimeter cutting the necessary lengths as they go along.

Finally, LVP is not adhered to the floor as vinyl flooring of the past. Our installers will clean and prep the underfloor and install an underlayment if the vinyl backing is not already attached to each plank. LVP is considered a floating floor, which makes it much more comfortable to walk on and far easier to repair should the need arise. LVP is made to last for many years with minimal upkeep and is easy to install, maintain and replace, if necessary.

Other advantages to LVP are its higher durability as well as the versatility. It is waterproof, which is a big plus for water or moisture-prone areas like kitchens, bathrooms or basements. LVP is not as susceptible as laminate and engineered hardwood.

At City Floors, we have earned a reputation that speaks for itself with more than 15 years of excellent customer service experience. We are family owned, licensed and insured. Our flooring experts have had the honor and pleasure of beautifying the floors of many Central Florida homeowners as well as real estate companies, interior decorators, contractors and commercial businesses. Check out our financing options or visit our site for a free quote today.

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