Kronoswiss Grand Selection – Oak Camel 12mm

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KronoSwiss Grand Selection HIGH PRECISION


The floor is remarkably easy to install and stands out with its very good vertical alignment and minimum gap between panels.

The 2G and 5G® profiles have both been optimized for resilient and thin products. The 2G angling locking profile is available for flooring products down to 3 mm and the 5G fold down system is available for flooring products in thicknesses down to 4 mm.

Solution for panels with varying thicknesses Thickness variation between floor panels has an impact on the locking function of fold down products. Our calibration groove technology is a patented method to ensure optimum locking function of LVT/WPC floor products with panels in varying thicknesses. The technology, applicable on most fold down locking systems, involves calibration  during profiling based on the thinnest panels.

Low-friction surface for easier installation The force required to install LVT/WPC products with fold down locking systems can be affected by surface friction. Our patented low-friction  surface solution facilitates installation and increases robustness while providing the same locking strength. The in-line process step is applicable on both one-piece and two-piece solutions.

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