Main Street Collection – Ann Harbor

Naturally Aged


Engineered Hardwood Flooring
Installation Type:
Float, Nail Down or Glue
Board Size:
1/2″ x 7 1/2″ Fixed Random Lengths (up to 95.5″)
Lifetime Limited Warranty


Contemporary and Highly Versatile, Ann Arbor Engineered Hardwood Flooring brings to your environment the distinctive strength and visual appeal of Hickory, paired with the exceptional durability of engineered hardwood planks. Ann Arbor hardwood flooring is inspired in the legendary downtown of Ann Arbor Michigan, and it captures the spirit of its famous Main Street: A welcoming place where people gather, a beckoning spot buzzing with activity where people meet, eat, and take delight in the company of friends or enjoy personal quiet time walking through its galleries and shops. These boards display a perfect blend of grey tones that safeguard the natural hue of the wood, bringing to the fore the characteristic straight grain of Hickory, and its overall stunningly gorgeous aesthetics. Not too dark, not too light, but a nice medium grey tone, this flooring can match any state of mind – transporting you to the exhilarating feeling of an early morning of mountain biking in Ann Arbor’s trails or the relaxed mood of an easy afternoon walk around its iconic Main Street bursting with world-class galleries and vintage book stores. Highly versatile, the cooler shade of these boards easily balances and complements any style, providing a neutral backdrop to showcase your choice of furnishings, and fabrics, opening the door for endless décor possibilities, and adding character to your space. Bringing to your floors the genuine look and uncompromising beauty of Hickory wood, Ann Arbor engineered hardwood flooring is a great choice to create a welcoming residential environment, and a contemporary atmosphere in business settings and professional offices. Expertly designed, the planks of Ann Arbor flooring feature micro-beveled edges that create subtle, yet visually pleasant definition between boards, adding dimension to the floor and style to your environment. The generous 7-½” width, and fixed random lengths up to 8 ft. of these planks, allow them to show off more of the hickory wood’s color variations and striking grain pattern, giving to your space a refined look with less seams between planks. The wider, longer boards of Ann Arbor engineered flooring provide greater stability to your floors, and create a visual effect of expansiveness, allowing you to create your own urban oasis — to the likes of downtown Ann Arbor. A transparent low gloss finish, masterfully applied to each plank offers an additional layer of protection, ensuring that your floors maintain their original appeal and allowing the inherent beauty of the wood to be appreciated.


The Main Street Collection of engineered hardwood flooring is a grand display of understated elegance. The boards feature a balanced multi-ply core that maximizes the superior strength of the Oak and Maple wood, rendering floors with exceptional stability and durability. Their generous 7-½” widths and fixed random lengths up to 8 ft. show off more of Oak and Maple’s distinctive linear patterns, giving to your space an expansive, larger appearance, permeating your floors with the ever-in-vogue warm look of wood, and creating an environment that bespeaks of refinement. 100% manufactured in the USA, the planks in the Main Street Collection are designed with micro-beveled edges that create visually pleasant definition between the boards, adding dimension to the surface and rendering flooring made to be fully lived-in and enjoyed.