Main Street Collection – Asheville


Stylish, and visually alluring, Asheville Engineered Hardwood Flooring brings to your environment the contemporary elegance of Maple wood, and the exceptional durability of engineered hardwood planks. Expertly designed, these planks feature a generous 7-½” width, fixed random lengths up to 8 ft. and micro-beveled edges that create visually pleasant definition, adding dimension, and rendering floors into welcoming surfaces that capture the mood of a scenic drive through the vibrant landscapes of Asheville or a visit to its posh shops and art galleries. Made 100% in the USA, each board of Asheville flooring features a semi-gloss finish that preserves, with fine transparency, the original beauty of the wood, while giving you a smooth surface and neutral backdrop for decorating in virtually any color palette.

The Main Street Collection of engineered hardwood flooring is a grand display of understated elegance. The boards feature a balanced multi-ply core that maximizes the superior strength of the Oak and Maple wood, rendering floors with exceptional stability and durability. Their generous 7-½” widths and fixed random lengths up to 8 ft. show off more of Oak and Maple’s distinctive linear patterns, giving to your space an expansive, larger appearance, permeating your floors with the ever-in-vogue warm look of wood, and creating an environment that bespeaks of refinement. 100% manufactured in the USA, the planks in the Main Street Collection are designed with micro-beveled edges that create visually pleasant definition between the boards, adding dimension to the surface and rendering flooring made to be fully lived-in and enjoyed.